Emma Warren


Emma Warren has been documenting grassroots music culture since she and her friends started Jockey Slut magazine in the mid 1990s. She worked on staff at THE FACE and then spent six years as an editorial mentor on Brixton’s youth-run Live Magazine. She independently published Make Some Space in Spring 2019. 

Make Some Space was listed in Mojo's Top Ten books of the year. She also released a pamphlet about influential jazz jam Steam Down on Rough Trade Books, and this was included in the Irish Times' books of 2019.

Critical Solidarity – How to Foster Dialogue between Musicians and Journalists?

KQB Projektraum, Wed 29.01.2020, 17:00

Aida Baghernejad, Angus Finlayson, Aquarian, Emma Warren, Lyra Pramuk

Make Some Space

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Emma Warren

How to Document Your Culture

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Emma Warren