DJ Scotch Egg


From playing Gameboy gabber to co-founding Wrong Music, DJ Scotch Egg has been active for almost two decades, known for collaborations with Ove-Naxx, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Bong-Ra, among others, as well as for releasing music on Lightning Bolt’s label, Load. In their words, “[h]e is definitely not a DJ, he’s defiantly not Scottish and he’s probably not an Egg.”

Shigeru Ishihara began his musical trajectory in Tokyo under the name Shiez in 2000. He rose to breakcore fame after co-founding Brighton’s Wrong Music with Shitmat, Roger Species, and others. In addition to taking part in Drumeyes (with Eda from the Boredoms), Devilman (with Taigen Kawabe from Bo Ningen), and WaqWaq Kingdom (with Kiki Hitomi), Shige also produces and performs as DJ Scotch Bonnet and co-runs Berlin label Small But Hard.

Continual Slant

Griessmuehle I, Sat 25.01.2020, 23:00

Ivicore, Lafawndah, MUXXXE, La Zowi, Moesha 13, DJ Scotch Egg, Khanja & MC Yallah, Isa GT