Debmaster crafts dirty and stubborn hip hop beats tinted with arpeggiated bleeps, resulting in a sound that is dark yet danceable. Nodding towards electro, yet crafted for all the lovers of off-the-wall nights, Debmaster’s playful approach to writing music can be heard on records shared across Cock Rock Disco and Hakuna Kulala.

While his first releases first came out in the mid noughties, Debmaster has been making waves with recent collaborations with Uganda-born, Kenya-based MC Yallah. Released on Nyege Nyege label Hakuna Kulala, Kubali sees Debmaster’s rugged rhythms and scowling instrumentals complemented by Yallah’s firm, uncompromising vocal delivery.

Prismatic Spiral

SchwuZ I, Sat 01.02.2020, 22:00

Slim Soledad, Hibotep, Teto Preto, Bbymutha, 3Phaz, Debmaster & MC Yallah, Sicaria Sound