Borokov Borokov


Belgian ensemble Borokov Borokov guarantee raucous, energetic shows and feverish dancing. The Antwerp-based project offer a pounding mix of hi-NRG, punk, pop, hardcore, lounge music, and power ballads.

Absurd and bizarre, the four-part troupe boasts sympathetic mindfucks as they segue from sludgy acid flashbacks to brisk synth-pop. Borokov Borokov promise to deliver a riot of wiggy and weird synth lines, rhythms, and commentary.

Their output includes the queasy, playful Los Bollen and the colourful Eerlijk Delen, both released via Antwerp-based indie label Rotkat Records.

Pointillistic Haze

SchwuZ II, Sat 01.02.2020, 22:00

DJ Kohlrabi, Y-DRA, Rizan Said, Borokov Borokov, Mo Chan