Sounds of China’s Underground

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12:30 13:30

Panel with GOOOOOSE, 33EMYBW, Hyph11E and Jason Hou. Moderated by Mollie Zhang.

This year, CTM 2018 features the sound of China’s emerging underground with artists affiliated with DoHits, Genome 6.66 Mbp, The Centaurs, and SVBKVLT. 

Jason Hou and Hyph11e will grace Panorama Bar for “Phasing” on February 1st, while Han Han aka GOOOOOSE and Wu Shanmin aka  33EMYBW appear at our closing night at SchwuZ on February 4th. Not often known for its contemporary music output, China has been the site of many exciting developments in recent years, partially at the hands of our panel’s participants. Mollie Zhang of the Quietus will talk to the artists about the particular challenges they face in China and how the cultural climate is shifting.


Hosted by The Quietus.


Jason Hou[CN]

Beijing-based producer Jason Hou is part of Dohits and 2nd Sense Audio. His music is an exciting fusion of club music with traditional Chinese instrumentation, and forms part of the innovative, new wave of young club producers emerging from China.


Hailing from Shanghai is the exhilarating young producer, Hyph11e. Affiliated with the Shanghai staple Genome 6.66 Mbp (the collective responsible for releasing music from the likes of Rui Ho, Wa?ste and Dirty K), she was featured on their first compilation in 2016 with track “叶子”.


33EMYBW is a Shanghai-based artist with a penchant for peculiar, unsettling sounds. Many of their self-released tracks, such as “EMSYGYDL”, feature spurts of alien timbres, distorted vocal samples, and light, lilting rhythms.

Mollie Zhang[INT]

Mollie Zhang is an artist, musician, and writer currently based in Berlin.


GOOOOOSE, formerly known as Han Han, is a Chinese artist who has released on SVBKVLT Shanghai and D-Force Beijing. He is a member of the Shanghai-based electronica outfit Duck Fight Goose.

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