Getting to Berlin by plane, by train or by bus? Here are some travel tips to help you find your way around Germany's capital city.

Already in Berlin? Scroll down for information about getting around the city via public transportation or taxi.

Getting to Berlin by Plane

There are hardly any nonstop flights to Berlin from overseas. Depending on the airline, foreign visitors generally connect through Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, London, or other large European airports. Berlin has two airports: Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF).

Berlin Tegel (TXL)

Tegel is a convenient and passenger-friendly airport with easy-to-reach services. It's located only 11 km northwest of the city center.

→ Website
→ Service Hotline: +49 1805 000186

Public Transportation:
→ Bus 109, 128, X9, TXL
Note that the TXL bus will take you straight to Alexanderplatz.

Schönefeld (SXF)

Schönefeld airport is the second of Berlin’s two international airports. It is situated approximately 18 km southeast of the city center.

→ Website 
→ Service Hotline: +49 1805 000186

Public Transportation:
→ Airport Express: RE7 and RB14 trains run every 30 minutes
→ S-Bahn: S45, S9
→ Bus: X7, 162, 163, 171, 734, 736, N60, N71.
Note that an ABC zone ticket must be purchased if you're traveling to/from Schönefeld Airport.

Getting to Berlin by Bus

Regularly-departing long distance buses provide a good connection with other European countries. Most trips leave from and arrive at the central bus station (ZOB) in Charlottenburg, though Alexanderplatz, Bahnhof Südkreuz, and Schönefeld Airport are also sometimes stops. 

Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof am Funkturm ZOB

The Central Bus Station (ZOB) Berlin is located in the western city district of Charlottenburg, opposite the International Congress Center (ICC) and the fairground, under the radio tower. ZOB bus lines and long distance buses run to destinations in Germany and Europe.

Masurenallee 4-6
14057 Berlin-Charlottenburg
→ Website

Public Transportation: 
→ Bus: 104, 139, 218, 349, M49, X34, X49
→ S-Bahn: Bahnhof Messe-Nord/ICC S41, S42, S46 
→ U-Bahn: Bahnhof Kaiserdamm station U2

The easiest way to find a cheap bus route to and from Berlin is to use a search engine that sifts through all the bus lines (and even train lines) to find the cheapest option. Depending on your route, usually comes up with multiple options per day.
→ Website

Flix Bus

Flix Bus is one of the most widespread bus services in Germany. It travels to and from other countries in Europe.
→ Website

Eurolines / Deutsche Touring

For information on bus routes, connections and fares, please contact your travel agent or a representative of Euroline or German Touring. You can book tickets online.
→ Website Euroline
→ Website Eurolines / Deutsche Touring
→ E-mail
→ Service Hotline: +49 69 7903-501



Getting to Berlin by Train

Berlin Hauptbahnhof / Main Station

Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Central Station is located close to the government district in central Berlin. It is also a regional train station and connects directly to the Berlin S-Bahn network, via which one can reach Alexanderplatz in 10 minutes.

Europaplatz 1
10557 Berlin-Moabit

Public Transport: 
→ U-Bahn: Washingtonplatz/ Hauptbahnhof U55
→ S-Bahn: Hauptbahnhof S5; S7, S75
→ Bus: M85, TXL, 120, 123, 142, 147, 245, N20, N40

Berlin Alexanderplatz

With numerous S-Bahn lines, underground, tram and several regional lines and as the point of departure for the TXL bus to Tegel Airport, the station at Alexanderplatz in Mitte is one of the city's main transportation hubs.

10178 Berlin-Mitte

Public Transport: 
→ S-Bahn: S5; S7, S75
→ U-Bahn: U2, U5, U8

Berlin Ostbahnhof

The Berlin Ostbahnhof train station is located in the Friedrichshain neighborhood of former East Berlin. It simultaneously functions as an international train station, local train station, and S-Bahn station. From Ostbahnhof, S-Bahn trains run via Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz. The central train station (Hauptbahnhof) can be reached from Ostbahnhof in 10 minutes.

Koppenstr. 310243

Public Transport: 
→ S-Bahn: S3, S5, S7, S75
→ Bus: 140, 240, 347, N40 

Berlin Südkreuz

Many long-distance trains also arrive at Berlin's Südkreuz station, the closest station to the Neukölln and Schöneberg districts. 

General-Pape-Straße, 10829
Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg

Public Transport: 
→ S-Bahn: S2, S25, S26, S41, S42, S45, S46
→ Bus: 106, 184, 204, 248, M46

Getting to Berlin by Rideshare

A popular way to travel, ridesharing is also economical. Here are a few suggested websites:


Getting Around Berlin

Public Transportation

For a map of the Berlin’s public transportation system (BVG) and to plan your journey, visit All festival locations are located within the AB zone and are accessible via S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus or tram. Note that an ABC zone ticket must be purchased if traveling to/from Schönefeld Airport.

Day tickets are good for U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus, or tram travel and are priced at 7,00 € (valid until 3 am the following day). We recommend a 7-day pass, valued at 30,00€, for those staying the week. Single trips cost 2,70 € (AB zone). Note that in almost all cases (with the exception of tickets bought from the driver on buses and tickets bought in the tram), tickets must be validated/stamped with the date and time at the small yellow boxes on U-Bahn and S-Bahn platforms and in most buses and trams. It's not possible to buy tickets once you're inside the subway or S-Bahn.

We have provided all the major route networks for download here:
→ S- and U-Bahn railway network
→ Light-rail system (Tram)


Berlin is serviced by around 7,000 taxis. Here are two of the largest call centers:
Taxi Funk Berlin: + 49 (30) 44 33 22
Quality Taxi: + 49 (30) 26 30 00
→ MyTaxi App

In Berlin's urban area, rides are priced by taximeter. Individual price agreements with the driver are permitted only for journeys outside the city (except Schönefeld Airport).

→ Base rate: 3,90€
→ Cost per kilometer for the first seven kilometers: 2 €
→ Kilometer price from seven kilometers: 1.5 €
→ Waiting time: 30.00 € for one hour (applies to traffic delays)
→ Short distance rate (Winketarif): The short distance rate is valid only if the taxi is stopped in the street. This rate allows you to travel up to two kilometers for only 5€. The "Winketarif" does not apply to ordered taxis or taxi stands.