Adventurous DJ duo SpatzHabibi cut their teeth as party-makers when they worked together at a ramshackle bar in Kreuzberg. Eventually, they decided their record collection might do Berlin’s nightlife a service, and these days their trademark broad-ranging taste animates clubs all over the city and abroad.

Over the six years that Sophie Funke and Pete Littlewood worked at the Kreuzberg bar, the sets by the guest DJs who were invited from all over the world broadened their horizons as listeners and informed their own ever-expanding record collection. They started DJing as a team starting in 2012, and continue to enrich their musical vocabulary through travel, vinyl-hunting, and online excavation. The establishment of their label and collective Polychrome Sounds was a result of a hitherto gathered colourful community of sounds and musicians. They use the label to release “the broadest spectrum of future music” and re-release favourites of old. We look forward to their multifarious collection, which nods to (for starters): upbeat Arabiana, meandering psychedelia, Asian film scores, celestial Afro-rhythms, bombastic Bollywood beats, “Turkish Delights”, and Colombian Cumbia.  

Disco Halal

YAAM II, Sat 06.02.2016, 23:59

Spatzhabibi, FOKN Bois, Autarkic, Moscoman b2b Delfonic