Autarkic is Tel Aviv's cold-wave rep and an affiliate of Moscoman and Delfonic's Disco Halal project, which collects and edits original dance music from the Middle East.

While still relatively new on the international electronic music circuit, Israeli producer and current Berlin resident Nadav Spiegal has embraced its current infatuation with minimal wave and vintage electronics. His debut EP, Hello to Mrs. Blank, arrived in 2015 on Golf Channel and featured Israeli duo Red Axes. Combining blown-out brass, knackered drum machines, arpeggiated synths, and Ian Curtis-esque vocals, its four tracks were described by the artist himself as "Industrial techno tribal dub goth vibes for 2075 and beyond." Spiegal is also a part of Tel Aviv's 84% Creativity collective.

Disco Halal

YAAM II, Sat 06.02.2016, 23:59

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