Soda Plains


Soda Plains is Alexis Chan, a Berlin-based producer and DJ whose debut album, In Tongues, was released in 2017. His first proper release, Rushes, is billed by issuing label Black Ocean as "dance music stripped of any territorial markers: trans-everything garage, global funky, pan-club, decentralized grime".

Performed live with Negroma in Berlin’s HAU, In Tongues is both visually and aurally striking. It stretches from the abstract sounds of “Sem Tempo” to the sputtering, melancholic “Manto” and even to dancefloor-focused rhythms as heard on “Espalho Meu Passo”.

2014's Rushes was followed it up by 2015’s Kickbacks on Liminal Sounds and 2016’s She Has All Kinds of Temperatures / Rodeo. He also contributed to 2016’s Co-Op compilation alongside artists such as M.E.S.H. and Bonaventure, a release that functioned as a call-to-action against fascism, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. Most recently, he released the single “Idler”, which features arpeggiated melodies encircling infectious percussion arrangements, and also contributed to HE4RTBROKEN’s compilation Secret Songs for You with the track “Ice Blast”.

Soda Plains has graced the stages of London’s Rye Wax for Wild Combination, Berlin’s OHM for 3hd Festival, and Brussels’ Beursschouwburg for HE4RTBROKEN.

Native Sketches

YAAM III, Sat 03.02.2018, 23:00

Neven b2b Akuipuss, Soda Plains, NUXXE feat. Coucou Chloe + Sega Bodega + Shygirl, Ivy Lab, Ikonika

Endo I

YAAM I, Sat 31.01.2015, 23:00

Soda Plains, Born in Flamez, 18+, E.E.K. feat Islam Chipsy, Yung Lean & Sad Boys & Gravity Boys, Opium Hum