Veronica Vasicka


New-York based DJ Veronica Vasicka is a cold wave / post-punk / industrial / electro / synth pop crusader and founder of the Minimal Wave label.

Vasicka, who also  moonlights as a photographer, conceived Minimal Wave as platform for sharing obscure 80s music mined for airwave play in the early days of East Village Radio, which she co-founded and managed during its pirate days. However, overwhelming interest in the project soon inspired Vasicka to reissue the work of represented artists, generally limited to only a few basement recordings and disseminated via John Peel’s radio show and a handful of underground music mailings.

The Minimal Wave repertoire ranges a stylistic gamut from stripped-down, DIY pop to italo, classic house, and early industrial electronics, and Vasicka subsequently founded the Cititrax label to present more contemporary synth-oriented acts. She has overseen the release of over 50 albums, and The Minimal Tapes Vol. 1 and 2 compilations were picked up for distribution by Stones Throw Records.

Vasicka plays a regular night in her home city of New York, and has performed at events such as Art Basel, at MoMA and MoMA P.S.1, a number of fashion shows, and numerous clubs in major international cities.

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Berghain Kantine, Fri 31.01.2014, 22:00

Ion D, Rodion G.A., Veronica Vasicka, Alexander Robotnick, Fearplay