Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer


Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer is professor of music and the media at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, where she pursues her research interests in the history and aesthetics of media-dominated musical forms, music, and globalization and youth cultures and popular music.

She has previous experience as musician in the late 1980s (der expander des fortschritts, East Berlin), as well as managing cultural projects in Berlin (singuhr-hörgalerie, Club-Commission), and working as a free-lance author, lecturer, and research worker for various institutions. She has also worked as a consultant to the German Parliament for cultural policy matters.

Sound Exchange – Perspectives

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Sun 26.01.2014, 16:00

Panel discussion with Carsten Seiffarth, Susanne Binas-Preisendörfer, Raul Keller, Daniel Muzyczuk, Carsten Stabenow, Moderator: Golo Föllmer