Sasha Go Hard


Earning the Go Hard characterization and mandate of her moniker with the raw force of her delivery in one of her first studio sessions, 21-year-old South Side Sasha Go Hard is one of the first female rappers from the Chicago drill scene to gain international traction.

Currently  working to distinguish herself and her style as both peerless and deterritorialized, she is well on her way to notoriety, evidenced by the considerable media hype that has accompanied her few releases - including features on BET, Pitchfork, and The Fader - and the audience fervor incited by her live performances.

Sasha Go Hard began rapping around the age of 11 or 12, a practice that eventually led to introductrination via Interscope artist Chief Keef and his producer DJ Kenn, and an introduction to infamous American rapper Rick Ross. The year 2013 saw the independent release of full length solo mixtapes Nutty World and Round 3: The Knockout, the latter of which boasts a Diplo production credit to its first track and features verses from Kraeyshawn and LE1F. She has also released a succession of collaborative singles, including “Spotless” with Kitty and fellow Chicago artist Tink, produced by Ryan Hemsworth and appearing on DJ/producer Druture’s Out Of Towner Vol. 1 mixtape, and “Problem”, also with Tink, produced by ongoing collaborator Tony Roche.

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