Christian Zanési


Photo: Didier Allard, ©Ina

Christian Zanési is a French composer born in Lourdes in 1952. He studied at the Pau University, and at the Paris Conservatory under Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel.

Zanési was a member of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), and is currently is the artistic director of the Ina-GRM. He has initiated many projects in the field of radio, publications, and musical events, including the Electromania radio show on France Musique, the festival Présences Électronique, and the CD compilations Archives GRM, Bernard Parmegiani, l’œuvre musicale, and Luc Ferrari, l’œuvre électronique. In 2011, Zanési contributed to Jérémie Carboni's documentary on the musique concrète movement.

Editions Mego I – Groupe de recherches musicales (INA-GRM)

HAU2, Tue 28.01.2014, 16:00

Lecture by Christian Zanési with pieces by Pierre Schaeffer, Beatriz Ferryera, Philippe Carson, Bernard Parmegiani, Régis Renouard-Larivière, Christian Zanési