Tuan:Anh is part of the five-headed Berlin-based artist collective Bass Gang and a co-founder of the label Tactic Signals. Anh’s sound encompasses a wide spectrum of tempi and synthesizes the influences of various genres: hip hop, r&b, reggaeton, jersey club, old school grime instrumentals and kuduro. He has a long-standing affection for West-Coast US instrumental hip hop (DJ Mustard, Traxamillion) as well as for Latin American drum music, UK funky and underground club music.

Anh’s latest label project, Tactic Signals, is a collaboration with DJ JM from Vilnius. It combines the essentials of club music structures—heavy drum sounds and catchy melodies—with inspirations from 00s hip hop and r&b.

Bass Gang was started in Berlin in 2012 by DJ peers Gofi and Minoto (the two grew up together in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighborhood and were in the same dance troupe). In an effort to distance themselves from Berlin’s legendary techno scene, the collective began to host parties (Nachtbarschaftsbass) and play music they felt better represented their own experiences in the Hauptstadt. Bass Gang’s five crew members (Minoto, Gofi, Ostblokkk, J.Cloud and Tuan:Anh), have unique styles but are united by a love of early 00s hip hop and r&b. Their sets fuse underground sounds from UK funky, garage, grime, and jersey club to kuduro, zouk and ghetto house. On Saturday, February 4th, Bass Gang will take over YAAM’s third floor and represent the recent and ongoing diversification of the city’s club sounds.

Bass Gang

YAAM III, Sat 04.02.2017, 23:59

Minoto, Ostblokkk, Gofi, J.Cloud, Tuan:Anh