Bass Gang

YAAM III, An der Schillingbrücke, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 € (includes Explicit & Incisive)


23:59 07:00

23:59 Bass Gang: Minoto, Ostblokkk, Gofi, J.CloudTuan:Anh

Phat hip hop sounds from Berlin DJ crew Bass Gang, represented by crew members Minoto, Ostblokkk, Gofi, J.Cloud and Tuan:Anh, take over YAAM’s third floor, pointing to the recent and ongoing diversification of the city’s club sounds.



Berlin native Minoto is a DJ and co-founder of Bass Gang. He grew up with hip hop and RnB culture in the early 90s and 2000s.  In parallel, he was inspired by the rave culture in Berlin and by garage and grime in London. Minoto’s passion for a wide range of dance subcultures—streetdance, bboying, popping, locking, house, vogue, footwork, litefeet, etc.— and for traditions like electro, funk, juke, baltimore and jersey club makes for multifarious club sets that twist and turn as they streamline seamless danceability.


Gofi is a Berlin-born DJ and a co-founder of the Bass Gang Collective. He was deeply influenced early on by music from his African heritage. His signature “hip hop Afro club” style is informed largely by travel—he’s lived in Paris and London as well as in Berlin. Gofi started the hip hop DJ collective Bass Gang in Berlin in 2012 together with Minoto (the two grew up together in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighborhood and were in the same dance troupe). 


Bass Crew member Ostblokkk grew up listening to 00s hip hop and r&b, and was heavily influenced by the then-rising UK Bass scene and pirate radio shows from London (Night Slugs, Boiler Room, Hessle Audio, SWAMP81, etc). Though his aesthetic always keeps at least one foot in the club, Ostblokkk also stays true to a romantic, organic human core, never losing the raw energy that helps to establish a connection to the cultural origins of dance music. 


Bass Gang asset J. Cloud’s delivers ‘smooth operator’ sets that meld r&b, 1980s soul and funk, Afro and breakbeat—he might drop the likes of Ciara and James Brown alongside Motor City Drum Ensemble and Jimmy Edgar—and his taste is equally marked by new jack swing, UK funky, popping, groove, and 2-step. A. In any case, positive vibes and grooving energy are two steadfast components central to any J.Cloud-guided dancefloor.


Tuan:Anh is part of the five-headed Berlin-based artist collective Bass Gang and a co-founder of the label Tactic Signals. Anh’s sound encompasses a wide spectrum of tempi and synthesizes the influences of various genres: hip hop, r&b, reggaeton, jersey club, old school grime instrumentals and kuduro. He has a long-standing affection for West-Coast US instrumental hip hop (DJ Mustard, Traxamillion) as well as for Latin American drum music, UK funky and underground club music.

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