RSS B0ys[PL]

A shamanistic techno project inspired by the transformative potential of West African drum circles, the RSS B0ys are two veiled and nameless Polish artists that combe analogue hardware with e-drums to celebrate the archaic roots of techno through tribal musical traditions. Intricate and trance-inducing, their chaotic orchestra offers as much resolve as it does mystery.

The two musician-wanderers met in Benin, West Africa. Self-describing their music as “post-everything,” they have been releasing ethnic flavoured slow-tempo techno since 2012. Their first two releases came out with the support of experimental Skoczów-based Mik Musik.!. initiative (“aint no label, aint no collective, just some expression, action, and freedom”). Their producer, Wojtek Kucharczyk known as The Complainer, is also the founder of the collective.

In 2014, RSS B0YS released N00W on the cassette-only label Sangoplasmo, and 2015 anticipates their double album release, composed of the constructive YNHOOMYN as an analysis of their studio work, and YMM00NY, based on their concert 4-track recordings. The double-hitter is synthetic and energetic, improvising with a cosmic motive, and quite possibly some funk.

Beta II

YAAM III, Sat 31.01.2015, 23:00

Wilhelm Bras, Ketev, RSS B0ys, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Kucharczyk, Olle Holmberg