reliq, the Berlin-based avant-doom unit, grayl (DE), niko lfo (FR), and xorzyzt (US), manifest the dark matter of an unraveling psyche in transcendent and suffocating worlds of sound; beautifully agonizing demon cries swathed in the hallucinatory haze of a schizophrenic's fever dreams.

reliq makes the gray matter of the soul manifest. reliq bares its wounds so that others need not suffer the psychic torture of modern existence. reliq exhumes the demons buried deep within the collective consciousness and obliterates the fiber of their being. The method is one of exhausting alchemical combinations of catalytic sonic assault paired with the lullaby poetics of waking dream states.

An auditory evolution of the shamanic performance media art collective, dev01ded, founded by valquire, xorzyzt and grayl in Berlin in 2009, reliq soon acquired expert synthesist pH. The collective went on to produce ambitious astrological and exploratory exhibition and concert events e'clepsyre and symbolclub together with bands der MOQ and Aniaetleprogrammeur. They have also performed as part of Sonic Horticulture and Black Magick festivals, organized by nomadic Show Cave gallery and BL4CK M4G1CK, and participated in an intensive residency at ARM in Kassel, DE. In November 2011 the band's self-produced, self-released, self-titled first album finally saw the light of day after much toil and trouble.

Stars shifted and new constellations formed. In 2011 grayl and xorzyzt joined with Jonny Teardrop to form the ritual drone beast, Black Magick Ensemble. In 2012 reliq and dev01ded severed bodies completely, and grayl and xorzyzt forged new territory with guitarist/mad scientist Niko Lfo to create a whole new mythology for the band. They are currently working closely with film director Clair Kurylowski, and have just recorded the compositions that will be their triumphant rise from the ashes in 2013.

Caustic Neverland

Berghain Kantine, Thu 31.01.2013, 20:00

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