BL4CK M4G1CKian, dev01ded daemon, and reliq skin-slammer, xorzyzt opens portals to unspeakable dimensions through audio-ecstatic rites of occult noise, blistering shamanic beats, and industrial-strength exorcism. There is only one Truth: Chaos is the order of the night!

xorzyzt (a.k.a. Brandon Rosenbluth) is the force behind BL4CK M4G1CK, organizing Berlin events since 2010 including PURGE, #gHashtag, C3R3MØNY, and Black Magick fest, collaborating with an international assortment of blogger/DJ/artist/curators including BlackBlackGold, Tom Ass, dieLamb, Show Cave, and Sameheads at locations Chez Jacki, Raum, Sameheads, .HBC and Mindpirates.

Born in Los Angeles where he was raised on music and art, he studied video and installation art at Bard College in New York, and then at HfG Karlsruhe and UdK, before embarking on his permanent vacation in Berlin in 2009 and discovering his disquieting ability to connect with a world beyond the obviously knowable, to channel those currents into our collectively accepted sphere of consciousness. With these pursuits in mind he founded the shamanic performance media art collective dev01ded and and its musical arm, avant-doom band reliq, together with valquire and grayl.

Since then his aims to create immersive metaphysical environments through video/sound installations and antagonistic performance rituals have transformed into sculpting multi-faceted collective social experiences, powered by a desire to spreading the heavy weirdness he summons from the depths of the musical abyss to the dance floor.


Stattbad III, Sat 02.02.2013, 23:00

BlackBlackGold, Tom Ass, xorzyzt, Sun Worship, Necro Deathmort, Alec Empire


Stattbad II, Sat 02.02.2013, 23:00

BlackBlackGold, Tom Ass, xorzyzt, Gatekeeper, ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻, Mykki Blanco, EAN, Half Girl / Half Sick