Photo by Sven Marquardt.

REKA is the Berlin-based Tresor resident is known for organising W.A.V.E.S. nights and hosting New Faces. Her own sets display a thirst for adventurous selections, and the atmospheres she creates oscillate between the dystopian and the beautiful.

Over the years, REKA has cultivated her own personal approach to heady machine music. Drawing on anything from contemporary ventures through techno to the genre’s electro-rooted history, her sets maneuver seamlessly through dance music’s many permutations. Her mixing can be guaranteed to display a sensitivity for control and balance honed while riding her motorcycle through the streets of Berlin. 

An avid music collector, REKA started building her collection at the tender age of ten, before becoming infatuated with science. After finishing a degree in genetics, she finally found her artistic path. Reka’s love for knowledge, analysis, and understanding are evidenced by her carefully narrated musical journeys. One year into her DJ career, she was discovered by DJ Hell and joined the International Deejay Gigolos as part of the duo leChic, who are known for the critically acclaimed CD mix, leMix.

Her rich experiences and broad musical interests have rendered her a remarkably versatile DJ, who can be relied on to deliver a strong performance at any time, stage, or context. She has played across Europe, alongside the likes of Helena Hauff, Vatican Shadow, Powell, and more.

REKA recently shared her first solo release via Phase Fatale and Florian Engerling's BITE label; Diving The Innermost is woven from "lithe and percolating techno." (Resident Advisor)

As If We Were Free

Berghain, Thu 31.01.2019, 21:00

Nonplus, Eartheater, Gazelle Twin, Lotic, Prison Religion, Miss Djax, REKA