Nidia Minaj[PT]

Photo by Marta Pina

Nidia Minaj is the latest talent to come hurtling out of Lisbon (and its reliably on-point Príncipe Discos label) with her eruptible clashes of kuduro, tarraxinha, batida, and Afro-house.

The peripheralized neighborhoods ringing Portugal's capital city have seen an explosion of fresh music in recent years, with Príncipe Discos and affiliated artists like DJ Nigga Fox and DJ Marfox conducting a new Lisbon sound into global territories. The 18-year-old Minaj grew up on the sounds of kuduro and was part of the Kaninas Squad, an all-girl group in Vale de Amoreira. She currently attends school in Bordeaux, where in her off hours, she combines kuduro beats with house, techno, and Jersey club using FL Studios. Her debut EP for Príncipe, Danger, was described by The Quietus as "dazzling in all senses, a trance-inducing tangle of boxy drums, vivid swirls of synthetic melody and buzzsaw grime bass, all corralled into tracks that feel less like functional dancefloor units and more like short, sharp shocks of adrenaline." Make no mistake, Minaj is giving her mostly male counterparts in the Lisbon scene a run for their money.

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