Gazelle Twin[UK]

Demonic, guttural, and frighteningly astute, Gazelle Twin is the nightmarish figure with a penchant for distorted vocals. She will appear following the release of her most recent release, Pastoral - an acerbic album not for the squeamish.

Pastoral dispenses with a corrosive critique of the state of England today. With neoliberalism reigning, nationalism on the rise, and Brexit imminent, Twin’s signature demonic identity has been reimagined as a twisted, leering jester clad in the colours of England’s flag - a figure that “picks away at the bucolic, Constable-generated image of English countryside like a fetid scab.” (The Quietus)

Gazelle Twin cemented her reputation with the singular and creepy Unflesh (2014) which was released to critical acclaim. The record is comprised of screams, wails, cries, and croaks that swirl around bodily anxieties. Touching on miscarriage, puberty, illness, and euthanasia, Unflesh was accompanied by remixes from influential artists such as Carter Tutti and Perc. In 2017, Gazelle Twin shared Kingdom Come, an A/V project for two vocalists and studio album. The original iteration saw two suit-clad performers perform atop treadmills in a dark, Ballardian exercise. Its blunt sadism was performed by Jez Bernholz (BERNHOLZ), Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist), and Stuart Warwick.

As If We Were Free

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Xeno III

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