Cocaine Piss[BE]

Liege-based four piece Cocaine Piss are purveyors in urgent, nihilistic rock, melding together garage punk, riot grrl!, and experimental noise. They deliver short, sharp shocks on record and across stages in Europe. Their latest album, The Dancer, is “a raw, messy album that constantly borders on chaotic,” (Punk Rock Theory) and was released in 2016 by Hypertension Records.

Cocaine Piss formed in 2015 through a collective boredom, as its members exchanged punk rock CDs by various American punk and hardcore bands from the turn of the century. Cocaine Piss began playing small crusty venues around Belgium, and through their European connections, along with the release of their debut album The Pool (2015), they elevated their status as one of Europe’s most exciting and talented punk acts. 

The success of The Pool lead the band to make the trip to Chicago to record The Dancer with legendary engineer Steve Albini, resulting in a more eclectic collection of songs though, they haven't losing their hardcore edge. Cocaine Piss' records are known for their speed, making frenetic and attention grabbing tunes which demand physical expression, be it dancing or moshing.

Despite their intense nature, Cocaine Piss stand for inclusivity and ensuring fun for anyone who witnesses their performances. They champion queer politics and DIY collectivity. Cocaine Piss are always ready to undercut expectations, likening their live performances to free jazz, including inviting saxophonist Mette Rasmussen to jam with them at Moers festival.

As If We Were Heard

Berghain, Wed 30.01.2019, 21:00

Tim Tetzner, Caliph8 & Nonplus, 700 Bliss, Cocaine Piss