Chris Saunders[ZA]

Chris Saunders is a photographer and filmmaker from Johannesburg. Having originally worked in the advertising and fashion industry, he now also makes documentary photographs and films.

In 2010, Saunders won the year-long grant at Fabrica, Benetton’s Creative Research Facility in Italy, where he researched and helped produce two issues of Colors magazine as well as work on various video and photo projects for United Colors of Benetton and Fabrica. He has also worked for some of the world's top editorial and advertising clients, including Dazed & Confused (UK), Good Magazine (USA), Ogilvy, TBWA and BBDO. He has an extensive portfolio of fashion, portraiture and documentary work that can be seen on his website. Additionally, he runs a fashion blog called Team Uncool Fashion and has collaborated with many fine artists around the world.

Ghost Diamond

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Mon 01.02.2016, 13:00

Presentation by Chris Saunders