Carter Tutti Void[UK]

Carter Tutti Void is the intergenerational trio of Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of pioneering industrial unit Throbbing Gristle with Factory Floor's Nik Void. The collaboration began as a one-off live show at London's Roundhouse, but the onstage merging of murky electronics and brute energy proved potent, and the three artists have recently regrouped for a follow-up outing on Mute, Transverse II.

Leading figures of the electronic music vanguarde, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter were among the three founding members of Throbbing Gristle, the group formed with Genesis P-Orridge in the mid-70s and widely credited with creating the industrial music genre along with Cabaret Voltaire. After disbanding in the early 80s, the pair continued making music as Chris & Cosey, a project that continues today. Despite the cult status achieved by their earlier output, however, both artists' sound has continued to evolve, as evidenced in more recent collaborations with Nik Void of Factory Floor—a contemporary trio whose electrified body music arguably takes its cues from early Chris & Cosey recordings.

Carter, Tutti, and Void first joined forces for a performance at the storied Short Circuit presents Mute festival at the Roundhouse, London in 2011. Featuring Carter on electronics with Void and Tutti wielding bowed and treated electric guitars and lending vocal manipulations, the largely improvised performance was immortalized on Transverse, a four-track live recording released by Mute the following year to widespread acclaim. For CTM 2015, the trio appears for one of their first performances of their 2014 follow-up EP, Transverse II.

Tune Out – CTM x RBMA Finale

Astra, Sun 01.02.2015, 20:00

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