Ārash Āzādi[IR]

Arash Azadi is a young Iranian instrumentalist, multimedia artist and composer whose work is influenced by philosophy and creative technologies.

Born in Hamedan, Iran, Azadi began studying classical Persian setar at the age of nine. In 2012, he enrolled in Armenia's Yerevan State Conservatory, where he majored in composition and began mastering the ins and outs of the visual programming language Max/MSP through an online course offered by the Massachusetts College of Art. His most recent works fall under the umbrella of electroacoustic and experimental music, and are often accompanied by audio-visual effects, performance art or improvised dance and theatre. With a background in math and computer sciences, Āzādi has also explored ways to combine modern approaches to sound with acoustic and folk music. To date, his works have been performed in France, Italy, Germany and Greece in addition to his native and temporary homelands of Iran and Armenia.

CTM 2017 MusicMakers Hacklab Opening

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 27.01.2017, 19:00

Ganzfeld, Byrke Lou, Ārash Āzādi, Uta