Andy Stott[UK]

Andy Stott—a name synonymous with acclaimed label Modern Love—is a producer from Manchester active since 2005. Since the release of his 2011 EP Passed Me By, Stott’s brand of dub techno has excited countless listeners worldwide, and his albums Luxury Problems and Faith In Strangers solidified his reputation as one of the UK’s most creative electronic musicians.


In 2005, Andy Stott released his first 12”, Ceramics, on Modern Love— a then burgeoning label based in Manchester that would come to run online record store Boomkat. His first album, Merciless, was released the following year; however it was the pairing of Passed Me By and We Stay Together which gave Stott his first critical breakthrough. The records saw him experiment with slower tempos and doom-metal inspired textures, which Pitchfork described as “beats lurching violently, kicking up clouds of ash with every impact; every syncopation becomes a hesitant shudder.” In 2012, Modern Love released Luxury Problems, followed by Faith In Strangers two years later. Both feature the vocals of Alison Skidmore, and were met with critical acclaim.

Too Many Voices (2016) demonstrated Stott infusing his sound with glossier tones drawn from grime and synth pop, drifting ever slightly more towards songform. His latest record, a double EP titled It Should Be Us, was contrasted starkly with the previous album, as it sees him return to more house and techno-inspired productions. His long-awaited new album is due this year.

Over his career, Andy Stott’s live performances have seen a gradual transformation, moving away from a reliance on his laptop to a largely hardware-based setup that reflects his ever-shifting stylistic focus. They veer from precision-tooled, heavyweight dancefloor constructions built for the club, to more atmospheric and complex musical narratives designed for art-spaces and festivals.

Shadow Twirl

Berghain, Thu 30.01.2020, 21:00

Lyra Pramuk, Nene H & Ensemble Basiani, Antoine Chessex, Raja Kirik, Duma, Andy Stott, Cera Khin b2b Lokier

Rave Undead II

Berghain, Fri 01.02.2013, 23:00

Conor Thomas, Samuel Kerridge, Shed, Powell, EVOL, Andy Stott, Mark Archer (Altern 8), Lower Order Ethics