Aimee Cliff[UK]

Aimee Cliff is Deputy Editor of Dazed Digital. Previously she was Associate Editor at The FADER, and before that she was a freelance writer and editor for Dazed and FADER as well as VICE, FACT, and more.

She writes about arts and culture and its intersections with identity politics, with a speciality in music. Her monthly newsletter "the circuit" highlights electronic music made by women and non-binary people, and she has an occasional radio show on NTS Radio with DJ/producer E.M.M.A., called Angel Food.

Beyond the Stage – Women Organisers in Music

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Tue 30.01.2018, 13:00

Mentorship presentations and best practice discussion hosted by Salt + Sass. With: Aimee Cliff, Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, Coral Foxworth, Gilke Vanuytsel, Keira Sinclair, Johanna Grabsch, Lauren Goshinski, Pamela Schobeß, Ruth Timmermans, Sarah Farina, Zuri Maria Daiß