Untraining the Ear

Concert series

Untraining the Ear, a project created in collaboration with SAVVY Contemporary and Deutschlandfunk Kultur, aims to un- and re-learn the ways in which we listen. These listening sessions work to strip sound of its common contextual affiliations, such as with geographical location, genre, identity, and so on. Curated sonic encounters explore the auditory beyond hearing, in hopes that we can begin to listen.

Each session, crafted by an artist, consists of an auditory voyage into an other mode of listening. In order to explore the ways in which we navigate our world, this project questions how we listen to the world we live in. How do we hear beyond our ears? How is the way we listen shaped, constructed, and altered? What narratives, be they social, economic, political, or cultural, define listening?

In an effort to (un)train, (re)train, (de)construct and (re)construct normative hearing, Untraining the Ear aims to create space for non-normative listening habits. This unfolding process touches on topics such as the re-representation of marginalized sounds and voices, the power and politics of sound technologies, and production aesthetics in global narratives. 

Related Events

Untraining the Ear #7: Jessica Ekomane Etoua

Savvy Contemporary, Thu 20.12.2018, 20:00

Concert followed by discussion

Untraining the Ear #6: Eliane Radigue

Silent Green Kulturquartier, Mon 10.12.2018, 18:30

With François Bonnet, Charles Curtis, Carol Robinson, Rhodri Davies, and Thibaut de Ryuter

Untraining the Ear #5: "Sikus" with Carlos Gutierrez & Tatiana Lopez

Savvy Contemporary, Wed 14.11.2018, 09:00

14.11. – Workshop | 15.11. – Lecture and Concert

Untraining the Ear #4: José Maceda

Savvy Contemporary, Sat 01.09.2018, 11:00

11:00 – 18:00 Workshop , 19:00 Listening session

Untraining The Ear #3: Lucrecia Dalt & Regina De Miguel

Savvy Contemporary, Wed 25.07.2018, 19:00

Listening session with Lucrecia Dalt & Regina de Miguel

Untraining the Ear #2: Audrey Chen

Savvy Contemporary, Fri 08.12.2017, 19:00

Listening Session with Audrey Chen

Untraining The Ear #1: Tara Transitory

Savvy Contemporary, Fri 13.10.2017, 19:00

Listening Session with Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation