Where to Now? x CTM

Berghain Kantine, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: TBA, at the door


20:00 02:00

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
Moon Wheel
Matt Hendon & James Hines (DJ)

CTM Festival partners up with Where To Now? Records to present a night of forward thinking electronic weirdness. The event serves as both a label-showcase and release party for Berlin Current supported artists Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Moon Wheel, both releaseing new albums on the label. The two are joined by fellow Berlin Current and fellow WTN?/Berlin Current supported artist KETEV, and a special guest performance from prolific Canadian artist FDG - (ex Hobo Cubes). Expect an evening where mutated and damaged techno harmoniously slides alongside immersive, intricate soundscape work, and full blown experimentation. Where To Now? label heads Matt Hendon and James Hines will also be in attendance, digging deep into their record bags to compliment the performances.

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier flits around and plays with tonality and texture within immersive techno and electronic explorations from minute to minute, never sitting still or becoming tied down, continuously shifting to reflect an artistic mind that respects the human tendency for rapid mood shift. His is a bold attempt to put the human experience into electronic form, to rightfully inject meaning into sound at every moment.

‘Exploratory’ is a word that perfectly sums up Moon Wheel's vibe. A meditative pace permeates Olle Holmberg’s work, in which we are able to physically feel the manipulation of sound used to create an effect that grows from a very personal and human exploration of both nature and space - we literally hear the pulse of a heartbeat in the rhythms, we hear the cracking of unfamiliar objects underfoot that shake us back into consciousness, and we feel the sense of dread and anticipation that can occur when entering an unknown sphere.

There's a uniqueness in KETEV's mantra. He achieves an engrossing lucid state within listening that is quite unlike anyone else currently working within the realm of damaged and mutated techno ambience. Expect an enthralling, intricately layered, brooding journey of damage and repair.

Under his he FDG moniker, Francesco De Gallo (formerly 'Hobo cubes') creates an enthralling balance of both catastrophic sound and utter calm. For Francesco something apocalyptic appears to be constantly looming, yet always keeping its distance, avoiding an all consuming smothering, and enabling a safe yet emotionally heightened, textural, meditative state within his work. De Gallo is the master-mind behind the experimental Hobo Cult Records label, responsible for sparking the output of a new generation of outsider art and music in Montreal and Canada. The label has been a hub for early releases by the likes of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland (Hype Williams), Panabrite, Derek Rogers, Man Made Hill, Motion Sickness Of Time Travel and German Army.



Berlin Current is a CTM-led initiative aiming to identify and support emerging sounds from the city, with funding from the Musicboard Berlin. KETEV also appears with support from the SHAPE Platform, which is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.



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