Xeno III

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 €


22:00 06:00

21:00 Volte-Face
23:00 We Will Fail
23:55 Amnesia Scanner
00:50 Gazelle Twin
01:45 Evian Christ live (German premiere)
02:30 Suicideyear (German premiere)
03:30 Volte-Face

On Thursday night, Berghain will be home to an eclectic mix of performers and DJs, each bringing their own attitudes towards and interpretations of an ever-evolving genre.

Certain sound worlds can penetrate somatic tissues so deeply that they turn those tissues inside-out. Gazelle Twin, a British artist fascinated by the duality of decaying body / healthy mind,  “was interested in recording [her]self to give the impression of the listener being internalised.” Her visceral musical project comes to Berghain and will display “a constant element of breath-based percussion and gasps which helps get a cross a sense of anxiety – which is usually experienced in the mouth, throat, and chest.” (interview with The Wire).


Joining the same bill will be James Prudhomme aka Suicideyear, a 19-year old native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Prudhomme made a name for himself with the release of his 2013 mixtape, Japan, which mixed trappy hi-hat crystal formations with loops nodding to American mid-century minimalism. Following his Remembrance LP on Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recording Co., he has produced tracks for Yung Lean, Rome Furtune, Main Attrakionz, and Antwon a.o. and remixed even more. The potency of the melancholy-steeped tracks is remarkable for such a young producer, and the penchant for sweet lamentation is just one of the things Suicideyear shares with his equally young colleague Lean – he’s the honourary Sad Boy on the muggier side of the pond.


This programme will also see the new live performance from Evian Christ, who, since the release of his breakthrough mixtape Kings and Them (Tri Angle, 2012), set up a relentless pace of touring and producing several solo follow-up releases, as well as taking part in collaborations ranging from a sound art installation with Matthew Barney to producing a track for Kanye West and remixing a track of Ben Frost’s stunning A U R O R A release. Having last graced the city with his muscular productions back in 2012, Evian will reappear with his latest heavy live A/V performance.


CTM has worked in conjunction with Unsound to host We Will Fail from Warsaw, who will deliver her unique techno aesthetic built from field recordings, tape samples, synthesizers, and electronic drum kits.

London-based experimental techno curator and DJ Volte-Face will play in anticipation of his first EP in March on the affiliated label of his own event series, BleeD. 

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