Theta I

Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map


23:59 06:00

00:00 Errorsmith
02:00 Moon Wheel
03:00 Sherwood & Pinch (German premiere)
04:15 rRoxymore
05:00 KABLAM

The UK club music continuum has legendary dub producer and On-U Sound founder Adrian Sherwood to thank for a significant expansion of its territory. At Panorama Bar, Sherwood will join forces with Bristol dubstep ringleader and Tectonic Recordings boss Pinch. The two heavy-hitters’ first collaborative album as Sherwood & Pinch, Late Night Endless, is due for release in February 2015 via Mute / On-U Sound. Their dub patterns and African and Jamaican sound samples drip and echo, displaced from cozy equator origins to the cold, resonant industrial chamber.


Hermione Frank, known as rRoxymore, started as a DJ and producer in her native Montpelier. Her first musical experiments drew their vibrancy largely from the jazz and funk they sampled and merged with electronic grooves, but the time since then has seen Frank's devotion to building sample-free tracks from scratch and performing live with synthesizers. Her music is raw, gritty, and psychedelic. Live, rRoxymore departs behind her synths into another dimension and creates immersive, stirring rhythms and sounds.


As Moon Wheel, Olle Holmberg’s cerebral, shape-shifting compositions are inspired by “nature, history, and wandering." They synthesize electronic and organic sounds through dubby groove deconstructions, uncanny ghost-in-the-machine textures, and grey psychedelic hazes. From a solid starting point in physical analogue techno, Moon Wheel releases increasingly take the form of  hazy, experimental tones for late-night listening. His live performances are largely improvised; rather than recreating his repertoire, he experiments with an interpretation of creation as a process of discovery.


Erik Wiegand or Errorsmith, a staple of the Berlin electronic music scene since the mid-1990s, is an instrument designer, producer, and DJ alike. His sets meld abstract electronica, disco, techno, house. As MMM (his long-running partnership with Berghain resident Fiedel) he advocates stripped-back, UK funky-inspired techno.

Kajsa Blom or KABLAM is one of the residents at Berlin’s beloved Janus club night, alongside Lotic and M.E.S.H.. Her multifarious, bass-heavy sets steer clear of techno's cold edge and advocate a sound that’s grandiose, brash, and completely new.

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