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Born in Flamez

CTM is proud to visit MUTEK.MX, bringing three artists from its ever-growing Berlin Current roster to one night of the Mexican MUTEK satellite's brimming programme. The new sound of the city - Berlin Current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin.

The artists highlight Berlin's diverse sounds as part of a trajectory that races through three festival nighttime events. Objekt's convoluted mess of elektrology and teknology, 3-step, bass-core, post windmill, proto-minimal wankstep, gondola, shithouse, acid wonk (no more, no less) is contrasted with Janus resident M.E.S.H.'s surrealist and willfully inscrutable takes on an accelerated dance music age. rRoxymore departs behind her synths into another dimension and creates rhythms and sounds that take you into a world that makes you forget your own, while Born in Flamez, a transhuman experiment that s/he subverts gender and genre with a panoply of influences somewhere in the nether regions between grime, industrial pop, and future electornics presents a kaleidoscope of musical futures.


Now in its 11th year, MUTEK.MX - International Festival for Digital Creativity, takes place annually in Mexico City. A platform for the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music and audiovisual arts, its mandate is to support the most original and visionary artists currently working in these fields, with the intention of providing a space of initiation and discovery for audiences. MUTEK.MX has taken place in different formats and in different Mexican cities (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Guanajuato), where it provided an essential platform for the promotion and exploration of contemporary creativity in sound, music and audiovisual art.
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Berlin Current is a collaborative initiative from CTM Festival, Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, BLN.FM, No Fear of Pop, and ICAS. Sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin. Berlin Current at is supported by Initiative Musik.

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