RBMA Sessions Berlin with Dylan Carlson

Red Bull Studios Berlin, Ohlauerstr 43, 10999 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entry


14:30 16:00

Talk with Dylan Carlson of Earth.

The first of two RBMA sessions talkes place with Earth’s Dylan Carlson at Red Bull Studios Berlin.

Dylan Carlson is best known as the brains behind the legendary Seattle drone metal band Earth, which has been credited with establishing the style known as “doom,” “drone,” or “stoner rock.” As the band’s backbone and most consistent member, Carlson has in turn been called the “father of drone.” Carlson’s later solo albums, which all also honour the sonorous authority of his guitar, have gone on to incorporate the influence of traditional folk music and dark Americana. On the evening of Sunday February 5th he will engage in a maximalist sonic face-off with Kevin Martin aka The Bug at Neukölln’s Heimathafen.


Presented with Red Bull Music Academy.


Dylan Carlson[US]

Like many of the most important figures to emerge in the foggier, drearier strains of grunge, metal, and post-rock, Dylan Carlson is a Seattle native. Carlson founded the ambient metal band Earth, which first achieved a surge of recognition with its release Earth 2 on Sub Pop in the early nineties.

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