CTM x SET Festival

HAU1, Stresemannstr. 29, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 / 17 € reduced


19:00 22:00

CTM Festival teams up with the Tehran-based SET Festival to present works at the forefront of the Iranian experimental electronic music scene.

In a new commission titled "Sacred Horror in Design," Ata 'Sote' Ebtekar will collaborate with celebrated audiovisual composer Tarik Barri and performers Arash Bolouri (santoor) and Behrouz Pashaei (setar) on a project merging electronics with traditional acoustic instruments for a "Persian techno apocalypse." The project takes on the paradoxical task of preserving the beauty of tradition while bending and morphing existing patterns into unique shapes that may eventually become another form of folklore in the future. Nano particles build micro structures, which in turn construct macro networks in a mega system for a magical, textural multi-timbral environment. Two additional acts, Siavash Amini and 9T Antiope, will likewise help to represent a nascent culture of sonic experimentation burgeoning in Tehran. This recent upsurge of creative activity is broadly a result of Iranian citizens’ ingenuity and resourcefulness in making the most of the piecemeal reform occurring over the past several years alongside internet-based research and grassroots artistic exertions.


Supported by Goethe-Institut and the German Foreign Office.


9T Antiope[IR/FR]

9T Antiope is the Iranian duo of Sara Bigdeli Shamloo and Nima Aghiani. They combine acoustic instrumentation with voice and atmospheric electronics to bring alien and often-contradictory cultural worlds to light. 


Ata Ebtekar, better known as Sote, is an electronic music composer and sound artist based in Tehran, Iran. Over the last two decades, he has published his work via established labels such as Warp, Sub Rosa, Opal Tapes, Morphine, Digitalis, and Repitch, among others.

Behrouz Pashaei[IR]

Behrouz Pashaei is a composer, guitarist and producer from Tehran. Passionate about and dedicated to all kinds of music, Pashaei has been mostly performing on the Persian Setar in recent years. 

Siavash Amini[IR]

Siavash Amini is a prominent Iranian instrumentalist and producer living in Tehran. His evocative soundscapes combine granular synthesis and controlled noise with ambient music and modern classical composition.

Tarik Barri[NL/DE]

Tarik Barri is a celebrated audiovisual composer and software developer whose solo projects and striking live visuals for the likes of Thom Yorke, Monolake and Nicolas Jaar have been met with critical acclaim.

Arash Bolouri[IR]

Arash Bolouri is a photographer and traditional musician from Iran. Born and raised in Tehran, Bolouri's work is strongly influenced by his interest in philosophy, the hidden side of human mind and the fragile structure of life. 

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