Bight of the Twin

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19:00 22:00

19:00 "Bight of the Twin", film by Hazel Hill McCarthy III
20:35 Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway

Transgressive counter-cultural icon Genesis Breyer P-Orridge appears for a concert and film screening celebrating her rich history as a radical in both music and identity/gender politics. Breyer P-Orridge's long-raging war against boundaries – between genres, between life and art, between male and female – has acted as a single, extended plaidoyer for love and for the understanding of creativity and art as holy acts. H/er indispensable influence has carried over into the arenas of politics, race relations and social justice.  

P-Orridge will perform together with former Wolf Eyes member and adventurous solo noise artist Aaron Dilloway. Director Hazel Hill McCarthy III will also be present for the screening of "Bight of the Twin," a film created together with Genesis that follows what became an emotional search for Lady Jaye Breyer, P-Orridge’s deceased life partner. During a journey to Benin to explore the origins of Vodoun (Voodoo), P-Orridge was “serendipitously initiated” into an ancient ritual known as the "twin fetish," a practice that held the promise of reconnecting her with Breyer’s spirit.


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge[UK]

Musician, poet and artist Genesis P-Orridge is a legendary, transgressive counter-cultural icon and a pioneer of radical performance. S/he has been singular in h/er ability to “personify the communion of art and life” and unprecedented in h/er “prophetic groundwork in dissolving binaries – between physical and spiritual, sacred and profane, and even life and death” (Patrik Sandberg, Dazed). 

Hazel Hill McCarthy III[US]

Hazel Hill McCarthy III is a Los Angeles-based artist, designer and filmmaker and is a co-founder of the project space SHOW CAVE. Her short films have been screened at the Warhol Museum, the Barbican and the Institute of Contemporary Art in London (ICA). 

Aaron Dilloway[US]

Aaron Dilloway is an Oberlin, Ohio -based experimental musician. He was a founding member of Wolf Eyes, one of the most influential and internationally visible noise bands of the last few decades. Dilloway played with the band until 2005, when he moved to Kathmandu, Nepal. Dilloway founded Hanson Records in 1994 in conjunction with a release by Galen, his band at the time.

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