Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 €


22:00 01:00

22:00 Thomas Ankersmit "Infra"
22:45 Gum Takes Tooth
23:35 Vomir
00:05 Pharmakon

This evening explores challenging and confrontational dealings in sound.

Thomas Ankersmit, who is devoted to music at its most intrusive and gargantuan, will present his new multi-layered composition, "Infra," at Berghain. The work explores the artistic, musical, and perceptual potential of infrasound, triggering strong emotional reactions from unease and angst to awe and even spiritual catharsis.

Radical prophet of anti-music Romain Perrot aka Vomir is known for his uncompromising "harsh noise walls." For him, static sound at the limits of listenability is an opportunity for both isolation and immersion, embodying an existential nihilism and the wish to withdraw from society at large.

Just as for Vomir, music for NYC’s power electronics proponent, Pharmakon, is a fundamental component in a process-based, rageful face-off with contemporary society. She presents new material on this occasion.

Jussi Brightmore and Thomas Fuglesang make up the psychedelic rhythmic explosion that is Gum Takes Tooth. In their own words, the band is a "two-man everything machine endlessly seeking what-the-fuck aural mesmerism in a maze-like arrangement of physically overwhelming rituals of sound system culture, riffs and pan-cultural psychedelics."


Thomas Ankersmit is presented with the SHAPE Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. His composition, “INFRA” is supported by Stimuleringsfonds.


Thomas Ankersmit[NL/DE]

CTM Festival are proud to host the world premiere of “Perceptual Geography” by Thomas Ankersmit, a solo performance inspired by - and dedicated to - the pioneering research of legendary American sound artist Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009). 

Gum Takes Tooth[UK]

The UK duo Gum Takes Tooth works with cyclic crescendos, cathartic crashes, twisted vocals and synth extrusions. GTT has released two LPs on Tigertrap Records: Silent Cenotaph in 2011 and Mirrors Fold in 2014. The Quietus calls Mirrors Fold “a beautiful bastard, completely ugly on first glance but blessed by immutable charms at its heart.”


Vomir is the harsh noise wall (HNW) project of French artist Romain Perrot. Perrot embraces noise as a non-violent form of anarchy and as an opportunity for both complete isolation and complete immersion. He spent thirty years in Paris before settling in Montpelier. 


After a dark year, noise and power electronics operative Pharmakon is here to exorcise your demons—and her own. Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Chardiet was indoctrinated into extreme music early. She was smuggled into punk shows by her parents as a baby, and by seventeen she had become a figurehead of the underground experimental scene.

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