CTM.13 Preglow

Horst Krzbrg, Tempelhofer Ufer 1,, 10961 Berlin Map
Tickets: 5 €


23:00 07:00

The Golden Age is a vast sea to jump into – this pre-festival evening gives a first idea of its endless fluidity by showcasing artists with very different approaches, yet a common resoluteness when it comes to conceptualizing the dance floor as an arena for restless experimentation off the beaten paths of today’s club culture.

As Sensate Focus Mark Fell explores musical patterns that layer off-kilter beat structures with funk and flair, making decades-old ideas sound brand new. Risk-taking of another kind is the expertise of Justice Yeldham, notorious for smashing contact-mic’ed glass sheets onto his face to produce unearthly squalls. Pete Swanson renders Techno dysfunctional with his wild and entirely improvised 4/4 noise extracted from erratic hardware. Heavylistening explore aural perception and sonic phenomena by spinning several copies of their latest release, WOW, a vinyl record that contains a single, ultra-low bass tone that rings at the frequency of 33,3 Hz when played at 33 1/3 rpm. The night is rounded out with DJ sets from label founders known for running imprints that fully embrace today’s radically open aesthetic; Kontra Music’s Ulf Eriksson, and PAN’s Bill Kouligas, who plays back-to-back with Morphine’s Rabih Beaini.


Sensate Focus[UK]

Mark Fell aka Sensate Focus is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sheffield. Initially best known for his work together with Mat Steel in the duo SND, he currently keeps a busy schedule primarily with the performance of his seminal work, Multistability.


Heavylistening are Berliners Carl Schilde and Anselm Venezian Nehls. They fuse ideas and concepts of popular music and the reflective sensitivity of contemporary art to create highly specific sonic experiences.

Pete Swanson[US]

A major figure in the US and international noise scenes and well-known as one half of the now disbanded cult noise duo Yellow Swans, Pete Swanson is concerned with cathartic, physical, extreme electronic music.

Bill Kouligas[INT]

Bill Kouligas is a Berlin-based artist, designer and musician. As the founder of PAN, a multidisciplinary platform and record label which recalibrates perceptions of forward-thinking sound practices, he has curated and art-directed the label for almost ten years.

Justice Jedlam[AU]

Notorious for smashing contact-mic’ed glass sheets onto his face to produce unearthly sound squalls under the name Justice Yeldham, Lucas Abela also runs the Australian record label and pressing plant Dual Plover and creates immersive sound installations like "Vinyl Rally".

Ulf Eriksson[SE]

Ulf Eriksson is a seasoned DJ, Red Bull Music Academy alumnus, and the chief of highly regarded Swedish outpost Kontra-Musik. Over nearly a decade in operation, the label has built a reputation for its broad-spectrum stylistic profile, specializing in what favoured German selector Gerd Janson describes as elegant techno offset by true-school house and ambient textures.

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