Professional Speed Dating

Moxy Hotel, Andreasstr. 76 - 78, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entry


15:00 17:00

One-on-one meetings with curators and festival organisers

15:00 Session 1
16:15 Session 2

Our annual speed dating event is an opportunity for local artists and professionals (visual artists, researchers, musicians, label owners, curators, producers, etc.) to meet and/or present their work to and receive feedback from arts organisations, festivals, and independent curators from all over Europe, who will in turn have the opportunity to introduce their own initiatives and activities.

Among those present will be members from the SHAPE platform – Sound Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe, which has had its support renewed for another 4 years. Members will also be present from ICAS - International Cities for Advanced Sound, a worldwide network that assembles over 40 independent organisations that support new music, audiovisual creativity, digital innovation and related fields.

Pre-registration for this event is now closed.

Session 1 | 15:00–16:00

Ulf Eriksson – Intonal
Mihaela Vasile – Rokolectiv Festival
Tommy Ose – Insomnia
Lucie Smith Electroni[K] – Festival Maintenant
Marco Ligurgo – roBOt Festival
András Nun – UH Festival
Luka Motažin Zagoričnik – Sonica Festival
Yair Moss – Zero.One

Session 2 | 16:15–17:15

Guillaume Kidula – schiev Festival
Jonathan Achille – Les siestes électroniques
Inken Bornholdt – TodaysArt
Thomas Dumke –
Susanna Niedermayr – ORF Musikprotokoll im steirischen Herbst
Maurice Jones – MUTEK.JP
Daniel Fontana – Kilbi Festival
Thomas Edlinger – Donaufestival

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