CBM 8032 AV 1

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19:45 21:00

19:45 Robert Henke – "CBM 8032 AV"

Robert Henke performs “CBM 8032 AV,” a piece drawing on the beauty of simple computer graphics and sounds. Considering ambivalences, affinities, and contradictions between contemporary aesthetics and obsolete technology, Henke presents ideas which were technically achievable back in the 80s, but couldn’t have been conceived of without the social and cultural backdrop of 2019. Five carefully restored Commodore CBM 8032s—iconic objects of the beginning of the personal computer area—run custom software developed by Henke and his team. Never intended for use in generating audiovisual art, the computers generate output that is slow, harsh, geometric, low-res, and monochromatically green.


Robert Henke[DE]

Robert Henke is a pioneering electronic artist, known for his works as Monolake and his key contributions to the development of digital audio workstation Ableton Live. At CTM 2020, Henke will be presenting a new audiovisual piece entitled "CBM 8032 AV," inspired by and performed on restored Commodore 8032 computers.

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