Corpus Nil: Eingeweide

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19:30 20:15

19:30 Marco Donnarumma – "Corpus Nil: Eingeweide"

Wearing an AI robotic prosthesis that has a particular behaviour and sensibility towards its wearer, its environment, and surrounding sound, Marco Donnarumma tests his and the AI’s agency through a ritualistic, sensual, and tense choreography of movement, sound, and light. The dancer and prosthesis eventually access a new identity as they influence one another, questioning notions of “passive” intelligent software, the role of AI in regulating human bodies, and the optimism of the trans-humanist ideal.

"Eingewide" is the second piece in the "Corpus Nil" trilogy, a series of solo performances at the crossroad between body art, sound art and technology, where Donnarumma probes the physical, psychological, and physiological relations between machine intelligence and the human body.

Concept, music, programming, robotics, light, performance: Marco Donnarumma
Stage and choreography: Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere
Robotics visual design and costume: Ana Rajcevic
Robotics 3D modelling and engineering: Christian Schmidt
Artistic consultancy: Margherita Pevere
Live audio mastering: Dadub Studio
Additional programming: Alberto de Campo
Scientific partner: Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Beuth Hochschule
Light technology: Protopixel


Supported by the Goethe Institut's International Coproduction Fund. Realised in the context of the Graduiertenschule, Berlin University of the Arts.


Marco Donnarumma[IT/DE]

Marco Donnarumma is a media and performance artist, director, composer, and scholar. Since the early 2000s, he has been interbreeding contemporary performance, media art, and computer music to inquire into the recondite matters of the human body. He is widely known for his performances probing the body through sound physicality, technological engineering, and movement research. 

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