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19:00 21:00

A special concert devoted to fathoming margins between antithetical states will feature two solo musicians with idiosyncratic, expressive musical languages.

Celebrated French musician Cécile Schott aka Colleen produces intricate, mesmerising, profound music that traverses diverse instrumentations and sound worlds while steadfastly considering existential questions through contemplation. She will perform the music from her new LP, A Flame My Love, A Frequency, which was composed in reaction to the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. It reflects on the interlacing of life and death, “finds optimism in the face of tribulation”, and “meditates on humanity’s ability to prevail.”

Berlin-based Colombian musician Lucrecia Dalt will perform the live version of her upcoming album Anticlines, whose concept was guided by lyrics that work equally as poetry and thematic framework. The work is concerned with edges, boundaries, porosity, liminality, and tellurics, and explores these not only through lyrical content but also via musical delivery – microtonal shifts in Dalt’s voice will navigate the foggy borderlands between speaking and singing. Her songs visit tales of confusion between self and other, of human dependence upon Earth, of the spontaneous emergence of non-human consciousness, of radical alterity, and of a conceivable martian legacy here.



French musician Cécile Schott has been producing intricate, mesmerising, profound music as Colleen since the early 2000s. Her newest LP, A Flame My Love, A Frequency, was composed in the wake of the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. It reflects on the interlacing of life and death.

Lucrecia Dalt[CO/DE]

Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian producer and pop surrealist who deals in restless, cerebral electronics. Trained as a civil engineer with a specialty in geotechnics, Dalt's productions chart the motion of geologic time in fits and bursts, lucidly rendering tensions and disturbance through a combination of acoustic and electronic sound, sampling, and traditional songwriting.

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