Berghain Säule, am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 15 €


19:15 20:15

19:15 Recondite

Daemmerlicht (fading light) is Recondite’s upcoming fifth album and new immersive live AV show, developed specifically for the cavernous space of Berghain’s Säule.

The work guides listeners through Recondite’s suggestive interpretations of ambient, electronica, classical music, and hip hop oriented soundscapes. Contemplative violet and dark blue atmospheres unfold as nocturnal episodes of blurred vision and nebulous state of minds ahead of the light/dark to come.

The Daemmerlicht LP will be released on Plangent Records in February and implements a different musical approach to the usual techno and house infused material Recondite is known for.

Please note that if you have a CTM Pass, or ticket for the event that follows in Berghain, you do not have to leave the building. You will be able to proceed into Berghain's main room directly from the Säule space.



Lorenz Brunner is the German techno artist, DJ, label boss and sound artist known as Recondite. Since he began working under this alias, Brunner has released four albums and an impressive slew of EPs. His fifth LP will be released via his own imprint, Plangent Records, in 2018.

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Berghain Säule, Wed 31.01.2018, 19:15