CTM 2014 Prelude Helsinki 2

Kiasma Museum, Mannerheiminaukio 2, Helsinki Map
Tickets: 8–15 €, Pneuma pass 30 €


11:30 19:00

M/S Kurenniemi
Kurenniemi on Tape

From November 2013 until March 2014, the Kiasma Museum for Contemporary Art in Helsinki will be presenting a restrospective exhibition on Erkki Kurreniemi, pioneering artist that played a central role in the development of electronic music in Finland. As part of the exhibition, the Pneuma festival 3 days of programming, in collaboration with Kiasma and CTM Festival in November. The Pneuma mini-festival in Helskinki's Kiasma Theatre comprises screenings, live music performances, and discussions complimenting exhibitions by Mika Taanila and Erkki Kurenniemi.

The special Kurreniemi programme at the Pneuma festival also gives a taste to the 15th edition of CTM - Festival for Adventurous Music and Art (24 - February 2 2014, Berlin). Under the title Dis Continuity, the festival will highlight select trajectories of past artistic experimentation, protagonists and movements from previous generations into the present, and will include a special showcase from Erkki Kurenniemi.

The screenings feature a generous selection of film director Mika Taanila’s work, from documentaries to music videos, and a series of films about Erkki Kurenniemi that culminates in the screening of Spindrift, a computer animation presumed to have been lost, that has been restored specifically for the festival.

Electronic instruments built by Kurenniemi occupy a central role in the history of Finnish electronic music. The Pneuma concert series features music by Kurenniemi, showcasing his instruments from a variety of perspectives. The programme includes a commissioned piece by Mika Vainio for Kurenniemi’s DIMI instruments, as well as Kurenniemi’s electronic compositions rearranged for acoustic instruments.

The concert programme of Pneuma already starts on November 22 with an audiovisual concert by Mika Taanila and the Circle band entitled SSEENNSSEESS, in which Taanila’s ”doppelgänger” film loops merge with Circle’s music.

Sunday 24.11.13

11:30 M/S Kurenniemi
A screening of the film The Future Is Not What It Used to Be and a discussion with Lars Bang Larsen, Joasia Krysa and others.
(Kiasma's Seminar Room)

15:00 Closing Concert
Kurenniemi goes Electroacoustic
Kurenniemi's electronic works are heard as new arrangements for acoustic instruments, with a twist of live-electronics.

Kurenniemi on Tape
Rarely heard Kurenniemi's electronic tape music reproduced as new, high-quality copies of the original master tapes - diffused on the spot.


A full schedule of events is available here.


A project by Kiasma – Hesliniki Museum of Contemporary Art. Supported by: AVEK, MES, Frame. In collaboration with KAVA, University of Helsinki, MediaLab, SibA, DeJonghe Film Postproduction, Filmnoir & CTM Festival.

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