Patrick Primavesi


Patrick Primavesi will give a talk as part of the series of events programmed around the life and work of Ernest Berk. Primavesi is a professor at the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft (Theatre Institute) at the University of Leipzig.

In 2002, he set up a postgraduate programme in Dramaturgy with Hans-Thies Lehmann at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, where he was an assistant professor in the Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies until 2008. His research focuses on the work of Walter Benjamin, Bertolt Brecht, and Heiner Müller, and also spans contemporary theatre, dance, performance and film.

Ernest Berk – The Complete Expressionist

HAU2, Sun 28.01.2018, 18:30

Christoph Winkler with groupA, Rashad Becker with Pan Daijing, Patrick Primavesi, Ian Helliwell