Jana Rush


Photo by Wills Glasspiegel.

Jana Rush is a Chicago-born-and-raised footwork DJ and producer. In 2016, Rush released MPC 7635 EP as JA Ru on Objects Ltd. – Lara Rix-Martin’s label showcasing women and non-binary artists. The EP received attention for its intricate drum arrangements.

The release represented the end of her production hiatus; Rush had released her first record in 1996. Her return to production was accompanied by album art taken from a CT scan – a token of Rush’s night job as a scan technologist, while she worked days as a chemical engineer at an oil refinery. While she was active in the 90s, Rush garnered a reputation in Chicago and became a mainstay of juke and footwork nights. She started producing at 13, influenced by the likes of Cajmere and DJ Deeon.

Her debut full-length release, Pariah, kicked off 2017 for Objects Ltd. It opens with “Midline Shift”, a track comprised of breathy vocals, hard-hitting 808 sounds and uncompromising bass arrangements. The record is shaped not only by Chicago footwork, but also a myriad of other sounds. Her ability to weave seamlessly “in-and-out of ghetto house, soul, acid, footwork and jungle,” (FACT) has been commended, and this is evident in the marriage of juke and breakbeat in “Frenetic Snare”. This exciting fusion of UK and US sounds shows how Rush pushes her own take on footwork, while still remaining faithful to the original Chicago sound.


Panorama Bar, Thu 01.02.2018, 23:00

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