Timedance label boss Batu is the Bristol-based DJ and producer whose output seamlessly blends together UK bass and techno. His unique take on polyrhythmic, bassy techno can be heard on his most recent release for Hessle Audio, Marius.

In Marius, sub throbs meet eccentric rhythms; “garden sprinkler clicks, bumpy toms, hand drums…resist the track's 4/4 drums as though they were a foreign body” (Resident Advisor). “Whisper” is a bass-heavy tune off of his most recent Timedance release, Murmur. It adroitly builds anticipation, teasing listeners across seven minutes and captures Batu’s unique ear for detail. His unique approach to arrangement can also be heard on releases via the likes of Cold Records and Dnuos Ytivil.

Batu has been heavily influenced by his move to Bristol, where surrounded by the likes of Peverelist and Pinch, he was able to develop his interest in dub into his bass-heavy sound. He has performed alongside the likes of Lena Willikens and Bruce and graced the stages of Unsound Krakow, Freerotation and more. His label, Timedance, has released sounds from the likes of Bruce, Lurka and Ploy, and in 2016, was charted by FACT as one of the best of the year. Described as “one of Bristol’s most singular sounds” (FACT), Batu is most definitely one to keep an eye on.