Bad Gyal


Photo by Carlos Feher

In the past year, Bad Gyal has had continued success after becoming an internet sensation. Singing in English, Spanish, and Catalan, she is a unique figure in the contemporary club world.

At just 20 years old, Alba Farelo has taken the contemporary club music world by storm, after tracks such as “Pai” (a take on Rihanna’s “Work”) and “Indapanden” caught the electronic music world’s eye on YouTube. Farelo first stumbled across dancehall at the age of 15, after being introduced to Busy Signal’s “Come Over (Missing You)”, and found herself addicted. She now cites the likes of Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim as influences, but offers her own distinct take on the genre.

From her DIY approach to music (and fashion) grew success that allowed her to drop out of school. Bad Gyal is a stylish hybrid born out of the same DIY spirit that prompted Farelo to construct an isolation booth out of egg cartons for recording vocals and to assemble her signature clothing pieces from friends’ hand-me-downs.

Bad Gyal skips agilely across trap, reggaeton, and dancehall. Her own sound is saccharine and highly infectious, as heard on her 2016 EP SLOW WINE. The release features production from artists such as Plata, AC3, Fakeguido, and King Dou Dou, and her most recent single, “Jacaranda”, was produced by Dubbel Dutch. She has graced the stages of Sónar Barcelona, London’s Five Miles for Oscillate Wildly, and RBMA Los Angeles, among others.

New Turf

YAAM I, Sat 03.02.2018, 23:00

Hunni'd Jaws, Nihiloxica, Equiknoxx feat Shanique Marie, Hitmakerchinx & DJ Aaron, RoxXan, Bad Gyal, DJ Heroin