Tristan Douglas is Antwood (formerly Margaret Antwood), a Canadian artist and microbiologist concerned with online life and artificial intelligence. He recently released his second LP via Planet Mu.

Douglas first emerged as a producer with his first release, the Energy Plaza EP, which was comprised of three footwork-influenced tracks and appeared via the net outfit Cocobass. He caught the eye of the dance music world when his subsequent Work Focus EP was featured in FACT’s list of club producers to watch in 2016.

Antwood’s first proper full-length album, Virtuous.scr, arrived via Planet Mu in 2016, and is an ominous album that centres around the ethical implications of AI. It marries explosive sound design with mechanical aesthetics across sleek tracks such as “Anthracite”. Countering the more abstract moments of the release are the dystopic “Prototype HA” and “Overlay Network” – tracks that could take a dancefloor by storm.

Antwood returned to Planet Mu in 2017 with his second LP, Sponsored Content, in which the relentless quality of his first album gives way to more airy, melodic work. His sound has mutated into a strange sort of cyborg pop, though his IDM influences remain clear. Sponsored Content is shaped by an interest in ASMR and a despondency spawned by the ubiquity of advertisements in our contemporary, networked world. The record was accompanied by pristine visuals by El Popo Sangre and Unicorn, as seen in the video for “Don’t Go”. In the artist’s own words, the record is “honest, flawed, with a little humour, and slightly up its own ass” (Planet Mu). Douglas’ music is intricately tied to our contemporary age. As he says in an interview with Gabe Meier, “I can try and sit here and talk like I have actual thoughts about different things,” Douglas says. “But most of my opinions are based on being online.” (FACT)