Zoya Bassi[PL]

Zoya Bassi is the moniker of the multi-faceted, Munich-based Zoe Kahlert.

Growing up in the northeastern part of France in an artistic family, she discovered her interests in the arts early on (her parents are the performance artists Ulik and Joanna Bassi). She developed interests in drawing, acrobatics, and art while traveling from festival to festival with her parents. Her vast range of skills and impressive physical training enabled her to work in different street theatre projects all over Europe. In 2008, Bassi moved to Berlin to study sculpture at the University of the Arts Weissensee. She has also worked for performance artist Angie Hiesl, sculptors Wolfgang Flad and Michael Sailstorfer, photographer Daniel Wetzel, and sculptor Michael Sailstorfer.

Her background makes for an intriguing approach to music, too, as heard on her eclectic “World Tape Roulette Mix”. Across half an hour, Bassi ventures through sounds of digitised tapes from South Korea, Lebanon, and anywhere in between. Bassi acquired tapes unheard, which led her to find a seemingly random assortment of sounds. She unearthed a number of gems this way, and wove her favourites into the endearing mix.

On Edge

Berghain, Thu 01.02.2018, 21:00

Zoya Bassi, Swan Meat, VIOLENCE, Bliss Signal, Schwefelgelb, Olivia, Philip Vermeulen – "Physical Rhythm Machine_Boem Boem" with Lakuti, Sam Barker