Yally aka Raime[UK]

UK duo Raime submerges its listeners in a commanding, slow-churned, hi-hat and clap-laden bass vortex. Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead’s new project is designed to “explore Bass Futures indiscriminately.” The two late 90s garage and early 00s grime -inspired tracks “Burnt” and “Sudo” on their November 2016 Boomkat Editions release are their most dancefloor-oriented tracks to date.

Yally follows Raime’s second album, Tooth, released last spring on Blackest Ever Black. The two London-based artists have honed a signature style in which sludgy, dark, ambient textures flirt with punk, garage, and dub techno. After a number of EPs (one of which was released on Blackest Ever Black under another of the duo’s aliases, Moin), two albums, a 5.1 surround-sound installation at Unsound New York 2011, they have earned much deserved respect amongst electronic music lovers.


Berghain, Thu 02.02.2017, 22:00

Sky H1, Moor Mother, Yally aka Raime, Actress, DJ Stingray